Player Highlight Videos

Its a Wrap Sports Video is a leader in providing high quality Highlight Videos that get the attention of college coaches & scouts.

We are offering Individual Highlight Videos or Raw video for those looking to  move on to college.

We have 3 individual packages to choose from.

 1) Full Length LAX Highlight Video: $375

We take your best highlights of the tournament (we can also add more video that you provide). Player resume info + Contact info, Freeze Frames with Player identification graphics, Royalty free music, Player profile + lower 3rd. This is our best video format to get the attention of coaches. (Video will be 20-30 plays, 3-5 Minutes in length).

Sample:  Oscar Hertz, DEF – La Jolla, CA – Class of 2019

2) 10 – Plays Highlight Video: $175

We take the 10 best plays (chosen by you) and create a highlight video with Freeze Frames & Player identification graphics and will send you the YouTube link to share

Sample:  Anna Kelly, MF – Seattle, WA, Class of 2020

3) 10 – Plays Unedited:  $75/game

You choose the top 10 plays & we will share an MPEG4 Movie file to you to use in your own Highlight/Recruiting Video

Teams will need to pay for the filming of games OR we will need at least 4 players from a game participating in these highlights to ensure confirmation of a videographer. 

Please fill out form and await confirmation: