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Now is the best time to be communicating with College Coaches


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You made it through the San Diego Showcase Camp and performed well, but still haven’t secured that offer?  Now is the time to individually market yourself to college coaches.  Remember, coaches are mostly still stuck in their offices and their homes, making the job of evaluating players that much more difficult….your job is to make their job easy.  Show them what you got in one concise video!

Its a Wrap Sports Video is a leader in providing high quality Highlight Videos that get the attention of college coaches & scouts. (We’ll even give you pointers to ensure they open your email and watch your video).

We are offering Individual Highlight Videos for those looking to get the attention of college coaches.  AND, since we already have the video stored on our servers, you now only have to pay for the editing portion.

We have 2 individual options to choose from:

 1) “Home Run” Highlight Video: $300

We take your best highlights of the showcase. Add  Player resume info + Contact info, Player identification graphics, Royalty free music (optional), Player profile, lower 3rd, Player Introduction & On-Screen Timer Clock (for running and/or pop time). This is our best video format to get the attention of coaches. Finished video will be 3-5 minutes in length.


2) “Single” Highlight Video: $175

We add Contact info (Player & 1 coach), Player identification graphics, lower 3rd graphics.  and create a highlight video with Freeze Frames & Player identification graphics and will send you the YouTube link to share


Just fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you to get the “Ball Rolling”.  Note: we will be on “Shut Down” from 8/9 – 8/16.  If you contact us during this period, we’ll get back to you once we’re back to work!

SD Player Showcase - Softball Skills Video

    Choose 2 (or 3 for additional $50)
  • What date were you filmed?
  • What was your SD Player Showcase Group #? (If you don't know leave blank)
  • What year will you be graduating High School?
  • These prices based upon you choosing plays to use. Additional fee if It's A Wrap Video to comb through video to choose plays.