AP Softball Skills Video



Video is an essential part of the College Softball Recruiting process.

Coaches use video to screen through the thousands of applicants each year.

Its A Wrap Sports Marketing is a leader in helping Softball players get the attention of college coaches using video.

We will be available to film players while attending the upcoming AP Softball Academy Camp here in San Diego.

Premium Softball Recruiting Video + Scrimmage Highlights ($375)

-Premium Graphics Package    -Royalty Free Music

-Two Positions Filmed               -Two Camera Angles (Hitting & Pitching)

-Base Running (optional)          -On Screen Timer Clock (Base running + Pop Time)

-Royalty Free Music                    – Add Live Game Action Plays (5 included)

-Player Intro                                 – Extra Filming Time

-(3-4 Minutes length)

Basic Softball Skills Video ($225)


-Basic Graphics Package

-(2 Minutes)

AP Softball Academy