Baseball Skills Videos

Let’s face it, if you want to play baseball in college…

you will need to get the attention of college coaches.  The best way to do this is to send an email that includes a high quality Baseball Skills Video.


This will enable coaches to see if they have an interest…and get you ON the radar screen

It’s A Wrap Sports Video has been producing high quality baseball skills videos since 2012.  We know how to show baseball players in their BEST LIGHT!  Our founder is a former college baseball player and knows what skills coaches want to see.

It’s A Wrap Sports Video:

In the recruiting “ game” you need to separate yourself from the pack and a quality video can give you that little extra edge you need.  We’ve talked to many college coaches and have a good idea what they’re looking for in a video and we have developed a good strategy to show them what they want to see and get our clients to Round 2 in the recruiting process.  Each video is customized for the athlete we are promoting.  We also train athletes and parents on how to use video and how to have the best chance of getting the coach to open the email and watch the video.

Some things that make us different from other companies with similar services:

Dual Angle Shots:  We let coaches see each swing from different angles and show both angles throughout hitting.

Re-Edits: We allow each player/family to make changes to their video one time after the 1st Draft.
Personal Player Branding: We customize our videos as needed so players’ names are etched in to the coach’s minds by the conclusion.
On-Screen Timer Clock: We utilize clocks to show running speed and pop time.
Training to Use The Video Effectively:   We go the “extra mile” to make sure our clients know some of the tips and secrets to have more success in sharing their video.
Note: not all services offered with all packages

Baseball Video Pricing:

We have various levels of video and prices start at $250.  Please contact us for a firm quote.

Here’s some samples of recent videos we produced:






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