If you’re going to get a highlight video to get the attention of college coaches, you need to do it right!
At It’s A Wrap Sports Video, we’ve been successfully producing custom recruiting videos for athletes since 2012.  We create each video for the SOLE purpose of promoting each athlete we work with.  That’s why many of our videos look a bit different and we go the extra mile to show what makes each athlete special!

And did you know…

Over 85% of our graduated recruiting video clients have gone on to play in college!

We are all about promoting our clients!

Compare this to the many companies that create your video that seem to be more about marketing themselves than the athletes.  Many video companies start the video…WITH THEIR OWN LOGOS!  Are they really in business to promote the athlete or are they really about promoting themselves?

We use video from all available sources to make sure we have the highest quality plays.  

Typically, you go to field hockey tournaments and are given the option of getting a highlight video from 3 or 4 games that were filmed at the tournament.  However, any good marketer knows that if you have more games to pull plays from, the quality of the video goes up substantially, increasing your chances of getting noticed by college coaches and getting on the radar screens!  Make sure to use ALL the best video available to make the most effective highlight video. If you compile footage from 12 games over 3 tournaments, your quality will go up big time!

We have different options for you to choose from…

If you already have an online profile with a recruiting company, you probably don’t need your player profile info in the video. Instead, we have a streamlined video with just edited action, but still produced strategically to be the most effective.

We also educate our clients on how to distribute the video so it gets watched by coaches!  

We don’t just send you the video and send you on your way.  We educate you on how to share the video with coaches so they watch it!   A video is only effective if it gets watched by coaches.  We can help you with that too!

We create highlight videos starting at $275.


Oh, and here’s some SAMPLES of Field Hockey videos we’ve produced in the past for our clients…





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