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It’s A Wrap Sports Video will be filming games at the 2021 Legends Meltdown with our 20’+ elevated video towers.

PRICING (for Pre-Booking only):


2-GAME PACKAGE:  $270 ($135/game)

3-GAME PACKAGE:  $390 ($130/game)

4-GAME PACKAGE:  $500 ($125/game)

5-GAME PACKAGE: $600  ($120/game)

  • Note:  If you have a 6th game and want it filmed, please text us at (858) 663-0940.  Cost will be $120 for the additional game.

All games scheduled at the event will have a cost of $150 if we are able to accommodate.

Please fill out the form below to reserve a Videographer at your game(s).  It’s A Wrap Sports Video will be in contact with you to coordinate the games to be filmed.  This will be 1st come, 1st served.  We do have a limited # of videographers at this event.

We will send you the game file via DropBox or upload the video to HUDL or YouTube.

Safe Travels!

2021 Legends Meltdown LAX