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Your Letics Promotion Code:

Thank You for requesting this Discount Promotion Code from Letics:
Your Promo Code is: 004-0004SC14

Please use this code when signing up by following these Instructions:
1) Follow this link to the Letics.com Sign-Up Page: http://www.letics.com/myaccount-register.php

2) Fill out the profile information as requested

3) Agree to the “Terms of Use” and click the “register” Button.

4) You will receive an email to verify your email address. Once you get this, go back in and click on the “Upgrade” button

5) This will allow you to sign-up for full access to Letics.  Make sure to enter your Discount code (004-0004SC14) as appropriate

6) Once you complete the sign-up process, get moving and start completing all the tasks assigned to you to put yourself in a great position to play your sport in college!

Thanks again for using Letics!