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San Diego Soccer Club is Pleased to Announce our new partnership for…

College Recruiting Videos

with It’s A Wrap Video Productions

It’s not always the best players that receive offers for the limited college roster spots. It’s important to make the job of a coach evaluating your player as easy as possible and give him/her all the information they need in one place, in a professional manner. While talent is still essential to make it on to a college roster, a high quality recruiting video often will be what sets you apart from other athletes with similar skills & talent. This can make a difference in getting an offer or not getting and offer…..and how much of a scholarship offer you receive as well.

Why Video?

If you want to play in college, coaches now expect you to have a highlight film. Good highlight video can be the “Extra Edge” you need to separate your player from other athletes vying for the same, limited roster spots.

Why it’s A Wrap Video?

It’s A Wrap Video is known around the San Diego market for producing the highest quality, most effective soccer recruiting videos and we have worked with them to create a plan that we feel will work for everybody.

How Will this Work?

Each team will determine how many games they would like filmed and It’s A Wrap will post each game to the internet for SDSC families & players to view. Each family can then download the video to edit their own video OR pay a fee to It’s A Wrap to do the editing.

How Much Will This Cost?

The teams will pay for the games to be filmed. If a family wants to have their highlights edited by It’s A Wrap, they will pay It’s A Wrap $250 or $350 depending on which format they want to purchase. (Samples of each format will be forthcoming).

How Do I share my video with College Coaches?

Your video will be posted to Youtube with it’s unique link and you can share this link via email or post to social networks or recruiting sites.

We will share more information with your team managers and coaches in the near future!

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