Why This Blog on College Recruiting?

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At It’s A Wrap Sports Video, we take pride in producing recruiting/highlight videos that are effective in our primary purpose…to show athletes in their best light possible and to make sure the attributes and skills that make them special are demonstrated in a short amount of time! Our goal is to “Hook” the coach and get him or her to the end of the video and to simplify the athlete college recruiting process!

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However, we noticed something after we produced and published our recruiting videos…some videos were getting a large amount of views, while others were not getting so many. Not surprisingly, those athletes with more views were typically the ones who ended up getting the best offers from schools.

It dawned on us here at It’s A Wrap that we had more work to do to ensure our clients used our recruiting videos properly to make them an an effective tool in the recruiting process. It was like having a Maserati that mostly just sat in the garage. Part of this problem was due to lack of knowledge, partly due to lack of action.

We also noticed that it wasn’t always the best athletes that got the best offers. Coaches want athletes they know are committed to playing their sport at the next level. Therefore, showing coaches that you are serious in your preparation (video, profile, conversation, etc.) goes a long way with coaches. Their time is valuable and they don’t have time or energy to spend on athletes who are not seriously interested in playing at the next level OR not seriously interested in their school.

To this end, we have decided to become a source of information, or partner with other quality companies, in order to help athletes looking to move on to the next level so our clients have the best chance of getting the best offers (notice the “s” on the end of “offer”).  We will tackle many issues, and answer some of your biggest questions: “Where do I begin?”, “Where do I find the information I need?”, “Do I need a video?”, “How do I decide which schools are appropriate for me?”, “What do I say to get a coach’s attention?”. We plan to answer many of your questions OR lead you to the resources where you can get the information you need.

Here’s a video we produced to help you understand what we do:

We hope you enjoy our articles and video posts. We’ve learned a lot during our time working with athletes. We’ve seen the mistakes and we’ve seen successes. We’ve spoken to college coaches from NCAA Division 1 to NAIA to get their feedback. We also have a background in Brand marketing and sales from a Fortune 50 corporation and, most importantly, we’ve been through the process with our own children.

We hope this compilation of various “Key Learnings” will be helpful to you. We know the value of our videos from the many successes of past clients and the fantastic feedback they’ve given us on our “Testimonial” Page.

We will direct our language towards the athlete, but we realize that many of our readers will be parents of athletes. This information is for all of you!

Don’t do like many families and expect certain things to happen and learn from your mistakes….or it might be too late! Do some due diligence and plan ahead and your recruiting experience will be less stressful AND much more enjoyable!

In the meantime, check out some of our recruiting videos broken down by sport: Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, Baseball & Water Polo here: IAW Sports Recruiting Videos

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